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Here is a little bit about us and why we are doing what we are, It all came about because of a very very bad situation where a very good friend (Ryan Holmes) was taken from us in his prime at 21yrs old in a motorcycle road accident.

Ryan’s family and I wanted to do something to inform people who didn’t know him, what a fantastic person and motorbike rider he was and also do something for charity at the same time

In 2004 we had a memorial ride around a lot of Ryan’s favourite roads. The weather was ok and we still had a turn out of about 25 bikes so we got our heads together and thought if we can do this with no advertising what could we do with advertising.

So Gordon (Ryan’s dad) myself and uncle Albert decided to open a bank account and start the ball rolling as such for a charity event in 2005 with a lot of help from Sue (Ryan’s mum) and Richard (Ryan’s brother).

We did a ride out following the same route as in 2004 but charged £5 per bike and we had about 75 bikes turn up followed by a event at the night time at Creswell social centre with a band, charity auction and a raffle the evening tickets were £2.50 making it a very cheap night the event took off a lot better than we all expected so now we are planning on making it a annual event. In 2005 we donated the profits to the Notts/Lincs air ambulance and we managed to raise approximately £500.

Now for a little bit about Ryan

Ryan was a very talented motorcycle rider and racer in 2003 Ryan applied to race in the virgin mobile R6 cup but had never raced before so he only had a novice race license.

So by the time he had managed to be accepted in the R6 cup he was informed by the R6 officials that they did not realise he had never raced before so the only way round it was for him to either do a race school with Ron Haslam or do a club meeting so a ACU official could see how he did and if he was ok they would grant him special dispensation on his license to race in the R6 cup.

So he decided to do a club meeting at Mallory Park. In the first race he was 23rd on the grid and although the race was cut short to 8 laps instead of 10 he managed to get 3rd place excellent for his first race but there was better to come in the 2nd race he was in pole position and he won the race by 14 seconds lapping back markers by lap 4 and in the last race he was 28th on the grid he had got up to 3rd by about half way round the first lap then came off at Edwina’s still what a start to a racing career.

He also got man of the meeting from the Bike sport news.

Of coarse the ACU official granted him dispensation on his license so he could race in the R6 cup.

On the first r6 cup meeting it was at Silverstone he was out there qualifying for a position on the grid but we didn’t have A lapboard to tell him how he was doing. In fact he came in halfway through and asked how he was doing.

So we said we didn’t know really because we didn’t know what times the other riders where doing it was our first time at this game as well as Ryan’s.

Anyway he managed to get on the second row of the grid, not bad to say all the other riders had been racing for 2 to 3 years before.

Race day came and of coarse Ryan is there on the second row of the grid with the brolly girl beside him it was nerve racking for him don’t forget he had only had one race meeting previous at Mallory in a club meeting.

At the start of the race the rider at the side of Ryan hesitated which took Ryan’s eye off the lights then the lights went so Ryan had a bad start there was a big pile up on lap 1 so the pace car came out which means no overtaking and the rider in front of Ryan kept a good distance from the front runners for whatever reason anyway by the end of the race he managed 8th place.

Which was a very good result because Ryan said if he could get in the top ten on his first race it would be a good result, which of coarse it was.

Bulls eye TV followed the R6 cup that season they called the program (natural born racers) the title was named this after Ryan because he was a natural born racer.

There is no doubt in our minds who new him he would have been a world champion.

He was our world champion anyway always will be GOD BLESS YOU RYAN

The New Era race club hold a memorial cup every year at its first meeting for Ryan and so dose Virgin mobile Yamaha at the end of every season a memorial cup for the best new comer. He had a fantastic personality and I do not know anybody who he did not get on with.

Signing off for now,
Thanks to everybody for your support past and future

All the best. Gordon, Sue, Richard, Ashley and Albert.

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